Discovery Services

Complete Support for eDiscovery Needs

To support our customers’ eDiscovery needs, L2 Services helps customers complete specific support tasks relating to the planning, preparation, and presentation of evidence in digital formats.

Key Legal Discovery Services

Forensics and Collection

L2 Services forensics and collection services help you rapidly and accurately acquire potentially
relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for audits, investigations, and litigation.

Digital Forensics Services

  • Internal Investigations
  • Incident Response Support
  • Mobile Phone Examinations

Collection Services

  • Fixed and Portable Storage Collection
  • Automated Network Discovery of
    Devices and Data
  • Remote Collection

Service Support Expertise

  • Certified Collection Experts
  • Collection and Planning Consulting
  • Defensible Chain of Custody

Preparation and Processing

L2 Services provides you with the ability to prepare relevant files for subsequent
use while ensuring that the techniques used are defensible.

With a detailed approach to eDiscovery processing, we focus and deliver on key tasks to include:

  • Chain of Custody Security and Tracking
  • Data Staging
  • Data Filtering
  • Deduplication
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Full Text Extraction
  • Exception Handling
  • Data Conversion
  • Load File Production

Our processing services include:

  • Data Filtering (Range/Keyword)
  • Deduplication (Custodian/Data Set)
  • Full Text and Metadata Extraction
  • Data Conversion (Native to TIFF/PDF)
  • Load File Preparation
  • Custom Database Development

With our internal, best-of-breed technology, we are able to process data from a variety of formats to include:

  • Electronic Text To Electronic Text Via Text Extraction Engines
  • Electronic Images To Electronic Text Via OCR
  • Hard Copy Images To Electronic Text Via OCR
  • Audio To Electronic Text Via Sound Extraction Engines

We support these services with:

  • Secure Hosted Repositories
  • Extensive/Customizable Reporting
  • Integrated Review Services
  • Dedicated Project Management/Customer Support

Secure Review Hosting

L2 Services provides you with the ability to define and examine a
data set of documents for relevance, responsiveness, privilege, and
confidentiality within a secure, hosted review platform. With the
ability to load data files into our hosted review platform or into the
review platform of your choice, our review services based are
powered by best-of-breed platforms and industry-leading expertise.

Our secure hosted review services include:

  • Foreign Language Support
  • Web-Based User Access
  • Integrated Collaboration and Workflow
  • Integrated Audit and Reporting
  • Review Proficiency Training

We support these services with:

  • Secure Hosted Repositories
  • Scalable Review Platform
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Responsive Customer Support

Review Staffing and Management

L2 Services helps corporate legal departments and their outside counsel conduct the critical eDiscovery task of
document review by combining teams of expertly trained legal review attorneys with an integrated, forensically sound
eDiscovery review platform to allow for rapid, accurate, and defensible document reviews.

Providing expert talent to conduct a defensible review of electronically stored information (ESI) and to
manage the complete review process, L2 Services leverages highly trained on-shore and off-shore teams led
and managed by U.S. licensed attorneys to support key tasks that include:

Outsourced Litigation Support

L2 Services provides outsourced litigation support services to augment your eDiscovery capabilities. Our outsourced
offerings help you plan and prepare electronic evidence in both paper-based and digital formats. Key discovery
support services include: