L2 Services: Sprinting Toward Justice at Chicago’s Race Judicata 2023

L2 Services: Sprinting Toward Justice at Chicago’s Race Judicata 2023 850 400 L2 Services - Premium eDiscovery and Litigation Support

Ready, Set, and Discover Access to Justice with L2 Services at the 28th Race Judicata

L2 Services, a leading full-service eDiscovery and litigation service provider, is making strides in championing access to justice. One of our significant contributions this year is sponsoring the 28th annual Race Judicata in Chicago, a unique event that brings together legal professionals and enthusiasts to ensure that the law works for everyone, regardless of their ability to afford it.

With a comprehensive portfolio of eDiscovery services covering cybersecurity and information governance to legal discovery, L2 Services adeptly addresses the core legal discovery tasks for our clients. By sponsoring Race Judicata, we extend our commitment to legal equality beyond our daily operations, reaching into the wider community to make a tangible difference.

The event is set for August 31, 2023, at 6:30 PM. The location is the picturesque 1746 N Stockton Drive, where participants will be running a scenic course looping around Lincoln Park, up to the Diversey Harbor, and back. To add to the exhilaration of the run, participants will be greeted with a live band, free beverages, and snacks upon completion. Come out and grab a hot dog served up by the L2 team in event tents 33+34.

Proceeds from Race Judicata go directly towards the general operating costs of the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation (CVLS), a mission-driven organization dedicated to making the law accessible to all. Every step taken in this race is a stride towards ensuring justice for those who need it most.

Whether as a participant, volunteer, or supporter, all are welcome to join Race Judicata 2023. It is not merely an event; it’s a celebration of justice, an affirmation of equality, and a testament to the power of community. And for L2 Services, it’s an opportunity to further embody our commitment to supporting a fair and just legal system. To learn more about Race Judicata 2023 or L2 Services, follow the #racejudicata hashtag on Twitter or visit L2Services.net.

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